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Offenses against molestation and neglect toward children are taken seriously in Peoria

Over half of Peoria child molestation accusations are false, yet this crime has the highest conviction rate of any felony charge. An accusation of Peoria child molestation can start in a custody battle and lead to juvenile and criminal cases. An anonymous accusation of molestation can lead to the removal of your children, to criminal charges, to separation from your spouse, and ultimately a prison sentence. Your best defense is to understand the system you face and have the most experienced legal representation possible. At the Peoria law offices of the Wise Laws Team, we have been protecting the rights of individuals throughout Peoria facing false accusations of Peoria child molestation for over thirty years.

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It is very easy to be falsely accused of Peoria child molestation or lewd acts on a child, but it is exceptionally difficult to be exonerated in court. Even though 50-60% of molestation or molestation charges are false, more of these trials end in the wrongful conviction of the innocent than any other type of Peoria criminal case. With widespread media attention often causing a state of hysteria, this highly emotional charge tends to destroy the ability of the system to handle such cases objectively.

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In family situations, frustration can suddenly turn to anger, and anger can sometimes turn into physical violence against a child. The result can be an arrest for child molestation and the need for a Peoria child molestation attorney. More than 3 million children are reported as neglected or molestationd in the U.S. every year. Most of the molestation is physical or psychological. Three-fourths of those held responsible are parents.

  1. In homes with Peoria domestic violence, children are 15 times more likely to suffer from child molestation and neglect.
  2. Child molestation in Peoria can include physical molestation, psychological molestation, and sexual molestation. If you have been accused of any type of child molestation, you need an experienced Peoria child molestation lawyer who can investigate the charges.
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